Thursday, February 14, 2013

Kereru - stuffed?

This bird has been into the berries....

On show now, in the front window

Kereru - wood carving by Martin Carryer

Japanese glass master shows exquisite work

Masahiro Sasaki's beautiful work shines.  Thanks to a wonderful image published in the Dominion Post, this show has been attracting a lot of people.  The show runs until next Tuesday (19th February). 
The title Rinkai translates as "critical point", that moment between two states when an art work comes into being.
Lynn and Dorothy at the Rinkai exhibition

Rinkai # 1212

Lynn Kelly makes jewellery about Central Otago

In Central, her new jewellery exhibition, Lynn Kelly shows the work she made as a result of her Wild Creations residency in the Old Post Office at Bannockburn.  The six weeks residency was sponsored by the Department of Conservation and Creative New Zealand, and allowed Lynn the time and space to be inspired by the local plant life and other natural curiosities.
Lynn tells Howard some of the secrets about the work

Rabbit Necklace (wool, cotton)

Vegetable Sheep Brooch (felt, stg silver)

Lichen Brooch (stg silver, oxidised stg)