Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New work in gallery

A selection of great new work that has come into the gallery recently:

Merilyn Wiseman - Echoware Vase, Large

Merilyn Wiseman - Echoware Vase, Medium

Richard Parker - Pasta Bowls
Layla Walter - Apricot Camelia Bowl

John Roy - Digging Holes

John Roy 

Digging Holes

19 - 30 June

AVID Gallery would like to introduce a new ceramic artist to the stable; John Roy.
John trained at Wanganui Polytechnic, graduating in 1997 with a Bachelor in Fine Arts majoring in ceramics.
Since then he has become a prominent New Zealand ceramicist who as Greg Donson said "has determinedly stuck with ceramics and successfully pushed the boundaries of the medium and over the last few years, has also created multi-part works that have occupied spaces in unexpected way". Based in Tauranga, John creates work that revolves around iconic forms and the social memory built around them.

Friday, June 15, 2012

By popular demand... more delightful Dilana Rug "Maquettes"

Last time we had these "maquettes" (a series of small rugs by Dilana's illustrious stable of artists ) they sold out.  We have been lucky enough to secure a new batch from Dilana.  All great designs including work by Richard Killeen, Bing Dawe, Fane Flaws and Martin Poppelwell, at very affordable prices.  See also the full size runner by Richard Killeen.  http://www.avidgallery.co.nz/dilana-rugs/