Monday, April 23, 2012

Emily Siddell & Stephen Bradbourne

Emily Siddell - Crocheted Black Wire & Fused Glass
 'Link' a collaborative show by Emily Siddell and Stephen Bradbourne is on until the 28th April.  The exhibition features sole work as well as collaborative pieces by Emma and Stephen; where Stephen has blown glass vessels around Emily's beaded forms.
"Both of our separate practices share similar concerns - The adornment of objects,   surface decoration, detailed repeat pattern and intricate linear assemblage. These new collaborative pieces demonstrate and explore the links between our individual techniques and ideas.
Blown murrine vessels incorporate detailed linear decoration as an integral part of the work.
Fine crocheted kete utilise a mesh like wire structure with glass adornment applied as a separate exterior layer.
The new beaded bowls have a wire and glass adornment that is partially fused onto the surface during the blowing process, creating an interplay between the surface decoration and the clear glass vessel."
Emily Siddell & Stephen Bradbourne, 2012
Emily Siddell & Stephen Bradbourne - Beaded Vessels
Stephen Bradbourne - Murrine Leaf