Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bronwynne Cornish - Consulting the Oracle

Our gallery space has been transformed by Bronwynne Cornish for her show Consulting the Oracle. The Oracles stem from a body of work that Bronwynne begun in Delhi, at an artist's residency at Sanscritti in 2006.
India has one of the highest rates of potters per capita and the majority of these are village potters, making local deities out of clay. The first Oracle was made for the show 'Lugosi's Children' at Object Space in Auckland and as I gathered more mirrors others followed.  I think of the accumulated faces behind the mirrors, all the people who have looked into them over the years. What were they looking for? What did they see? Look into the mirror and a question may come and maybe, even an answer found.  In uncertain times we pursue unusual ways.

Bronwynne Cornish
Oracle with Jackal - Bronwynne Cornish
 The exhibition runs until the 17th of March, and features an 'Oracle Box', where you can consult the oracles and find answers to questions on love, fate, destiny, health, wealth or prosperity.

Baby Owl on Stump - Bronwynne Cornish