Saturday, February 25, 2012

Moveable Feast

Ann Culy - Boulder Opal

'Moveable Feast', new works by  Dunedin based jeweller, Ann Culy, begins today and is on display in the jewellery section until March 10.  Ann has given us an outstanding range of pieces that convey movement through form and colour, using 22ct & 24ct gold, as well as a selection of stones that capture and move light..
I have always been facinated how jewellery becomes animated with the life of movement on the body . Some of these stones, gathered over the years have that deep internal life, I love to give them the form releasing them to play in the world. 
Ann Culy, 2012

Ann Culy - Ring with Bead

Ann Culy - Moonstone Pool

Ann Culy - Ring on Ring