Monday, August 22, 2011

Alice Rose - Still Life

Still Life, 16 - 27 August, is the latest exhibition of works by Dunedin ceramic artist, Alice Rose.

Still-life Painted Objects are 3dimensional painted studies of the domestic vessels that placidly fill our houses as naturally occurring still-life groupings of domestic-ware, often becoming a pictorial part of the background surface. Almost real, these pieces challenge us to take notice before returning to the quietly unobtrusive and ordinary objects that they really are.

There is a connection with the past that surrounds each object, often with nostalgic associations, that goes beyond the simple representation of a domestic form. As a sometimes subconscious awareness of a source of light or situation, our mothers’ china or past eras and the Artists that represented them.

I view still-life studies by Artists as if I am standing in their studio looking at the original collection of objects. I take these pieces out of the painting and make them into 3dimensional objects again, in the painter’s style. This gives me an insight into their technique and a connection with the original setting.

It has been a concern for me that Pottery has not always been accepted as a ‘Fine Art’ and is usually relegated to the more homely status of ‘Craft’. My family background and employment in the Arts, has given me an opportunity to have a foot in both camps. I like to think that by representing my pottery through the medium and presentation usually exclusive to ‘high Art’ I have blurred the line that often separates them.

Alice Rose
Dunedin, 2011

Alice Rose - Dali's Cubist Fruit Bowl

Alice Rose - Seurart's Vase of Flowers

Alice Rose - Butter Dish after Lichtenstein