Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chris Weaver - Shelf Show

21 June - 04 July 2011

Our Glass Shelf is dedicated to this show of classic ceramics from Chris Weaver, to welcome him back to AVID.

 Chris is well known for his exquisitely well finished domestic wares, having pioneered the flat-iron shaped teapots which became his trademark.  This quality of design and workmanship translates well across all interior design fashions, sitting comfortably in both minimalist and traditional environments.

Small Bucket
Sliced Tea Set
Perforated Plater
"I became obsessed with clay from an early age after discovering it on our property where my Father had dug out steps behind our house. I still remember the first pots I made then and the excitement continues after over forty years.
This work is derived from recent residencies in China. The sliced platters and teapots come from the architectural forms I saw there. The catalyst for my buckets came after I was unable to make my usual wooden handles and was forced to search for an alternative.  I found a solution in an unlikely material, a fibre toilet cleaning-brush, which sparked an interest in using other "found" materials. This has led to my interest in using old rulers for my 'Made to Measure' series."
Chris  Weaver,
Hokitika, 2011