Monday, April 4, 2011

New Work from Stephen Bradbourne

We now have in stock three beautiful blue vessels from glass blower Stephen Bradbourne
Stephen Bradbourne - Double Blue Incalmo

The two bottles have been made using the Incalmo technique.

This technique was developed by Venetian master glassblowers approximately 500 years ago and has traditionally been used to create horizontal bands of colour in blown glass.

The process involves making  'cups' of coloured or patterned glass which are connected together. 

Stephen Bradbourne - Triple Blue Incalmo

A hole is then pierced on the side of the assembled cups and attached to another blow pipe.The artist then gathers more glass and forms the piece into the desired shape.

Incalmo is a technically complex and physically demanding technique to use. The artist must be a proficient glass blower and dedicated to the process in order to master it.
Stephen Bradbourne - Blue Marrine

Stephen's bowl is made using the Murrine process.

" Murrine technique begins with the layering of colored liquid glass, which is then stretched into long rods called canes. When cold, these canes are then sliced in cross-section, which has the layered pattern." (wikipedia).