Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dutch Ambassador opens Art of Climate Change exhibition

The Netherlands Ambassador Arie van der Wiel last night opened our new exhibition by Dutch ceramic artist Jeroen Bechtold: 15 Claims - The Art of Climate Change.  This show explores the effects of climate change on the polar regions; ice and snow are translated into high fired porcelain and glazes, showing the arcs  and stresses of the ice structures.  Each exhibit represents a claim made on the Arctic or Antarctica by  France, Britain, Canada, the US, Australia, Russia, Norway, Denmark, Brazil, Chile, Argentina and New Zealand, and oil exploration companies Shell and Exxon.

This work has previously been shown only in Europe, and AVID have brought it to New Zealand in conjunction with the artist.  All works are for sale.

Dutch Ambassador Arie van der Wiel addresses the audience at the opening of 15 Claims - the Art of Climate Change

From L to R: the artist Jeroen Bechtold, Catherine Caldwell who helped instigate the NZ exhibition, AVID director Dorothy Saunders, and Jeroen's partner Joss.

Catalogue # 3: The Arctic Norwegian Claim, 320mm x 100mm h, $2,520 NZD