Saturday, December 11, 2010

Layla Walter - Solo Exhibition in the States

Glass caster Layla Walter has just opened her forth solo exhibition at America’s top glass venue, William Traver Gallery.
"The show is a harvest from my work over the last 15 years. Including the woven series, flower and bird works in glass. It is also a reflection of living in my home, with the garden at a point of fruition, full of fruiting plants and trees. On the eve of becoming a mother it is wonderful to be at a point of nourishment and collection. Much of the detail in the work is drawn from the garden, including black fig and chrysanthemums”.
Also, just in time for Christmas Layla has sent us a couple of her amazing bowls, the 'Black Robin'and the 'Woven Bowl'.
Layla Walter - (L) Open Bowl -Woven Interior  (R) Black Robin